Extract from an article at  PSICAN a Canadian organization dedicated to the research, study and exploration of a diverse range of topics considered to be "paranormal."

The University of Manitoba in Canada possesses a collection of eerie photographs donated by the heir of Dr. Thomas Glendenning Hamilton, a Winnipeg physician, former schoolboard chairman, member of the provincial legislature and an investigator of all things paranormal, from telekinetics to ectoplasm.
Walter Falk  spent time researching Dr Hamilton's collection after a series of séances that occurred in Manitoba.
Finally, in 2004, about five years after the first communication, Falk made his way to the University and asked to see the files. He was astonished at what he found and it took him only half an hour of random reading to become convinced that there was something of great value here.
For more details of his six-year pilgrimage through the notes, please see the "Introduction" page of the website.  There the entire file can be viewed, including the Hamilton photographs. Walter Falk's  website can be found at:


I had been developing web-sites using CMS's like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla for a while in spare time and this seemed an ideal project giving the ability to search through the material with MySQL where all the content is stored.

My main interest is in the evidential nature of the material for the the survival of consciousness after the demise of the human body.

I began with the texts and will work through the photos as time allows.

Mick Forster May 2011