1930 Apr 16 - May 28


Apr 16 - May 28

April 16, 1930

[Letter from Dr. Hamilton to Dr. Henry Hardwicke - Niagara Falls - N.Y.]

First paragraph thanks for a book sent.

"... Our work in Winnipeg is going along apace.  You may probably have noticed the articles in "Psychic Science" for October and January."

Mention of the meeting of the British Medical Association in Winnipeg in August."

"... For this meeting there is to be an exhibit of hobbies and scientific lines engaged in by members of the profession and for this I am preparing quite a large exhibit of psychic photographs, diagrams, stereoscopic views, etc. and in addition arrangements are made for giving a lantern slide lecture on psychic research in association with a luncheon at noon on the 27th of August.  This feature you will realize, is attracting much interest and will likely derive a considerable amount of worldwide publicity, coming as it does in connection with the British Medical Association meeting.  I am naturally anxious to make it an unqualified success."

"... Already this city and district have been very well cultivated.  On the 28th inst. I am giving what will be my fifty-first lecture on the subject.  This time it is to a Study Club in association with one of the largest churches in town and the growth of the work is gradually merging more and more into university, scientific and cultural groups and can no longer be ignored.  Marvelous to say, it has not as yet been attacked.  But we are expecting any day that some fanatical individual will break loose."

"We have taken photographs of teleplasm in, I think, twenty-eight different incidents and I have pleasure in enclosing herewith a copy of our latest and best.  In this large figure placed upon an empty chair, as we were told three months before it would be, we have a face which is quite angelic in appearance and which, as an ectoplasmic mass, is unique in that there is no connection with the medium that can be ascertained in the photographs which include splendid views by four single and two double cameras.  The conditions under which this photograph was taken were such that the most prominent lawyer of Winnipeg, who was present and scrutineered each and every step in the proceedings, in which he was assisted by Dr. and Mrs. Creighton, emphatically asserts that there is no link missing in the complete chain of evidence which establishes the whole."

April 20, 1930.                

Spurgeon, through Dawn, sings "Hallelujah, Christ Arose".

Spurgeon: "Sing it again.  Jesus, my Lord!  Brother, Sister, Christ arose!  To you this is Easter Day, to me now that I have passed through the portal into the great beyond, I can sing "He arose!  Hallelujah!"  Do you realize that Christ arose on Easter morn?  He triumphed over Death!  His life, His cross, His resurrection and His return!  Without these four corners of the stone, you have nothing to go on.  You have nothing to go on if there is no Cross; you only have a story.  You need the Cross to fulfill the love of our brother.  You need the resurrection on Easter Morn. That was the answer to the Cross.  He arose, victor of the dark domain, and you and I and all your friends will live as He lived.  He triumphed over the Cross!  The Cross was the end.  Why?  That was the question asked at the Cross.  Why did we do this and that and why didn't God hear and answer?  Why did they nail Him on the Cross?  So that we would have Life and have it abundantly; so that we might rest our bodies in the grave and rise to a new world where there is no malice or hate or anything that defiles.  So they nailed Him, nailed Him on the Cross.  But thanks be to God who hears you when you call!  He hears!  Jesus said on the Cross, 'Father, why hast thou forsaken me?'  This day gives the answer to the Cross.  He arose a Victor, and because He arose, you will arise also. It is only a shell that is committed to the earth; the soul goes to Him who gave it. Ah, brothers, everyone!  This is a glad time!  Easter time!  Every Sunday of the year is Easter time.  What did He say to Mary Magdalene, the one He loved, and those on the road to Emmaus? 'Hail! Hail! Good morning.!"  And it was a good morning!"

"Remember the Life, the Cross, the Resurrection and the Visitations ... when He came back at Gannon and conversed with them , ... the Pentecost.  That is what will happen in this little room when you have your experiences.  Do not fear to tell that there is no death but Life unto him that believes; it is precious, precious more than a King's Ransom!  God bless you everyone, and may the peace that passeth all understanding be with you all. Amen."

[See Mark, ch. 28, v. 10]

Walter and John pray for help

The captain and Walter come through

Walter/Dawn: "Down on your knees.  Everybody down on your knees.  If there is a prayer in your heart, pray that your friends may be with you and will reveal themselves to you that your eyes may be opened and that you may see.  Pray brothers, pray sisters, that the Great Spirit of all may be here in your midst that you may see.  Lift your voices to the very gates of heaven."

Mercedes in trance sings: "This is the voice of my God that they heard on the deep.  Come to Me; I love them  and their precious souls I will keep.  Come to Me; I love them  and their precious souls I will keep."

Dawn: "Can they stand?"

John King: "Yea, stand up.  All shall stand but me. I am kneeling, friend."

Walter/Dawn: "He is kneeling on the deck of his ship.  His soul is with his friends.  Pray friends ... to the very gates of heaven."

John King: "There is none to help me; I am alone; I am deserted ... all alone."

Walter/Dawn: "That is just as our Savior was deserted by all men.  Come, friend.  I cannot hold this instrument (Dawn)."

John King: "No, stay; you were given help."

Walter/Dawn: "I will stand by you, friend; but I must leave this instrument.  God bless you, friend."

Walter leaves Dawn.

John King: "There are more influences here than I am used to find.  There are sweet strong spirits that I do not know."

Walter returns to Dawn and a bantering dialogue between John King and Walter follows.  Katie speaks and says they are three and one, a Trinity.  John agrees.  He says that his ship is built.  "My friends, my ship is built with the help from this jester here and this girl.  You may make your representation of my ship when you desire.  Give notice to your friend (Walter), who understands these things.  I am too vehement but I have fought to hold a captive. (Ewan).  You may address me by my name and I will come. He (Walter) is of great understanding in these things.  If I were left to wrestle here alone I might not win for myself ... this ... prize ... this daughter of my heart ... I might be tied where I could not commune with you; but she assists my work; she has held out her hand to me."
[Note at bottom of page: John is separated from Katie by her advanced spirituality - that is what is the meaning of these words "I might not win for myself ..."]

Katie: "I told you, my father, that I was with you; I put myself in your hands to do as you would."

John: "That is sacrifice!"

Katie: "Not sacrifice if it reaches the right source!  We have worked together before!  We can do so again."

John: "Yes, in harmony."

Katie: "There are three of us here.  You are the captain of the ship and he will be captain of his engine."

John: "I am old.  I have a desire to let these people see in other worlds, that I have knowledge of other ways than his.  I have taken the liberty of speaking because our friend (Walter) knows well I cannot equal him in ways that are known to him.  He has used you all for one purpose.  I will endeavor, with your convenience and your faith, to use this effluence for another.  You must bear with me.  I am not boasting, friends. But it may be long and difficult, this past that I must tread in this boy.  I must subdue this body to my purpose.  I will complete my control of this willful personality; and after that, I will exert myself to use this body for what has been planned with you, my dear Katie, and that is well."
Katie: "I am ready.  I will do my best with this medium."

John: "Your medium is good.  There are some points of great assistance here, ... this little woman ( E.M. - Mrs. Poole) and these men.  Yes, yes; I am most anxious to have further opportunity to converse and commune with you through this medium that I am using.  I shall endeavor to invade him as the opportunity offers itself, but there is no opportunity like the made opportunity.  I would ask you to remember that.  And now you will be anxious to converse with your friend (Walter) whose time I have already trespassed on too lengthily.  I bid you adieu."

Katie: "Good night."

Walter: "So long, friends."

John: "Your friend did not desire to be questioned tonight.  I shall say goodnight."

All: "May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from the other."

[This sort of benediction is what is known as the 'Mizpah'.]

April 24, 1930.                


Walter/Mary M.        

The "boat" will appear on back wall of cabinet.  (See ship of June 4, 1930, in stereo)

9:26 p.m.        Following the  E.M. sitting, Ewan moves from his seat and takes a seat in the cabinet.  Walter, controlling Dawn, talks in whispers to J. A. Hamilton. (Dawn is sitting behind J. A. Hamilton outside the circle.)

9:30 p.m.        Walter: "Keep your eye on the cabinet."  Immediately flashes on the side of the cabinet like sheet lightning appeared.  Stamping and shuffling by Mary M. and Ewan is carried on intermittently.

Ewan: "Make a noise, anything, only make a noise; we know what we are doing."

9:35 p.m.        The bell tinkles, could hardly be called a ring. Another flare of light appears.  John (Ewan) and Walter pretend to be pirates and are very amusing.  Katie comes through and joins the charade.

10:00 p.m.   Walter: "Good evening, friends.  This is not going to be quite so easy. (Peculiar rubbing sound on the cabinet wall).  Would you bear with me for a little time? (All agree to do so).  It will take a little time; it is very fine work.  I would like to be allowed one or two sittings for this work from now.  I will give you further instructions next sitting.  Are you going to put the name on the ship, John?" (No answer.)

Katie: "Speak, John."

Walter: "I thought it was the "Success."

John: "This ship is ..."

Walter: "A success.  How am I going to get that crew on board?"

John: "Take them ."

Walter: "Take them ?"  I wouldn't put my hand on this bunch."

Katie: "Call it the ship of Lost Souls."

Walter: "Not lost now.  There are 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 of them .  But how am I going to put them  there?  We will do our best.  They are all good fellows.  We are just going over a little of our old talk.  Do not be afraid.  If you have a scrutineer I would like that he would sit at the table rather than in front, as we must have the table for the ship.  You (John) must order your men, but I shall be around.

[The above is some 'pretense' for psychological purposes']

This beautiful ship!  I have watched it grow thread by thread.  I must have a little time before you go to your public with it; but they won't believe it.  There will be millions that believe later on.  Don't be discouraged that people laugh at you; they do believe, but they are afraid.  Some would not believe if Jesus came back again to you here; even the poor captives that hover here near the world do not believe that they have passed from their earthly life. "You may not have any need for your scrutineer next time, but the time after he should come.  He should sit where that old man sits (J.A. Hamilton), not near the table - between the man (J. A. Hamilton) and the cabinet, but not on the outside.  Do you understand?"

John: "We are ready; I do not know this process.  Be ready when your friend (Walter) tells you.  Be ready all the time.  I have done my part.  My ship is built but your friend tells me you cannot see my lovely ship - your eyes are earth blind."

Walter: "Let them take a picture.  Do you wish them  to take a picture?"

John: "No.  No.  I believe what you tell me.  But you spoke of them lately doing, making something now."

Walter: "I said, friends, they can now take a photograph to see if it is strong enough to come through; I see the ship."

John: "Friends, do not do this if he does not tell you.  I do not know what you want to do, but he (Walter) knows.

Walter: "I am going to remove it now to the back of the cabinet.  I wish no one to enter the cabinet but those who enter here always.  It has to be placed on the wall.  Lift it yourself and place it at the back."

John: "You and the girl must lift it.  I will bow my head to it."

Katie (through Mercedes) and Walter lift the boat of the table. (No boat, of course, visible to sit the sitters.)

Walter: "You can push the table as much as you like now.  The little lady must sit immediately in front of the cabinet.  You will all see my ship if you look at the time of the flash."                                        
Katie: "This is a very small beginning.  I am pleased with my friend (Walter) with whom I work.  If we have little passages (i.e. slight disagreements) we do not talk so on the astral plane."

"Everything there is lovely.  Only when we come here and blend the two planes do we talk as on Earth. I will go, as my medium is spent. I have taken much power from her tonight.  I find her growing stronger physically.  Good night!"

John/Ewan: "You don't understand this ship; you don't understand how important this ship is going to be to me.  You have a great deal to combat but I have more.  I must convince this medium!  I shall convince him with this ship of mine!  At the next sitting you must conserve all your strength.  Do as you did.  Once I have convinced this medium I will do more."

The bell rings several times.
Katie/Mercedes: "It helps my medium."

John/Ewan: "It helps my medium, also."

T. G. H.: "How does that help?"

John/Ewan: "That is a tonic which restores and lulls the expectant nerves of the body.  Before that was done I may tell you that every sense of the medium was as it were a sentinel on guard for their captain.  The body of the medium has been completely sundered in readiness for my purpose; but not, alas, all the senses.  He is now powerless to move a finger except I move it for myself.  I cannot yet move his fingers for myself. I have moved him by the thought-influence; I have thought-influence upon his thought, following familiar channels.  I will now raise up his arm of my own accord, without thought of any will but mine.  I cannot lower his arm.  Would you please take his right hand and move his arm down? (W. B. Cooper does so).  It is strong all around us; it is something which we call from each of you.  We draw from the invisible cells.  I think that you had better let me go."

All repeat the Mizpah.

All: "May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from the other."

Walter and John and Katie all intimate that the teleplasmic ship has been built and placed on the wall of the cabinet:

Katie:  "John wants to come."

April 26, 1930.

[Second Script]


Isaiah 52, v. 10

When the heroes of old prepared for fight they put on armour.  When God prepares for battle He makes bare His arm.  Man has to look two ways - to his own defense as well as to the offence of the enemy.  God hath but one direction in which to cast His eye: the overthrow of His foeman, and He disregards all measures of defense and scorns all armor.

When men would do their work in earnest too they sometimes strip themselves like that warrior of old who, when he went forth to battle with the Turks, would never fight except with the bare arm.  'Such things as these' said he, 'I need not fear; they have more reason to fear my bare arm than I their scimitar'.  Men feel that they are prepared for work when they have cast away their cumbrous garments; and so the prophet represents the Lord as laying aside the garments of His dignity and making bare his arm that He may do His work in earnest and accomplish His purposes for the establishing of His Church.

Now, leaving the figure, which is a very great one, I would remind you that its meaning is fully carried out whenever God is pleased to send a great revival of religion.  The mere worldly man does not understand a revival.  He cannot make it out.  Why a sudden fit of godliness, as he would ( express it) - a kind of sacred epidemic, people meeting together in large numbers?  - They cannot tell what influences them , but they feel that they must go up to the house of the Lord to pray.  But while this is the only actual cause yet there are instrumental causes, and the main instrumental cause of a great revival must be the bold fearless preaching of the truth of the Divine Spirit from the Lord our God."

"C.  H.  S."

April 27, 1930.                



New and a great work beginning.  (See Katie materialization of
November 12.)

Walter speaks to his medium, Dawn, who is normal: "Dawn is going into the cabinet next time.  She is having a holiday but it is a short one. (Dawn laughs).  You would rather be in trance, wouldn't you?  Next time you will sit in and get it good and proper.  Get up!  I spoke to you politely (in bantering tone).  I won't next time.  Get up!"  (Dawn complies).  "I want you to do something!  Now, Dawn!"

Dawn: "Yes."

Walter: "Take his (Ewan's) hand!"

Dawn reports that her hand is on the back of his neck and her arm is tingling.  W. B. Cooper reports Ewan in deep trance.  T. G. H. reports that to his left (Mercedes) is gone. (In trance.)

John/Ewan: "I hear!  I can hear!"

T. G. H.: "Can you hear us talk?"

John/Ewan: "Yes.  Talk!"

T. G. H. does so.  The bell rings and rings again.  Katie says it is her father ringing the bell.  John replies that Walter is ringing the bell from him.  He asks that we be careful not to put the medium's chair back in the cabinet; to sit near the front.  Start as usual.  She, Dawn, can sit in the corner and then move to the chair.

Sister Lucy/Mercedes: "Good evening.  I am so glad that I got in for a little while.  I want you to understand that I do not feel hurt when I cannot use my medium.  I know she is in good hands, and the lady can do far more good than I can.  She has wonderful power in her father."

John/Ewan: "Thank you!  I am glad to have met you."

Sister Lucy/Mercedes: "I just want to say that there is something very wonderful in store for you.  This work, although different from the other work, will be just as good, if not better.  Your boy (Ewan) has made wonderful progress.  I have looked on and I may tell you that the struggle is nearly over.  He has been as far away as he can ever be.  This is only the beginning of great work.  I am glad that my medium is in better physical condition.  And do not think that I will forget you because I'm here most of the time.  Just now I am working with a group in one of your coast cities.  You may hear little things.  I have not made myself known.  You may not know that my name was Lucy Warnock."

John/Ewan: "You must be quick!"

Sister Lucy/Mercedes: "I must go, as the Lady must do some work!  Goodnight."

John/Ewan: "She does not object.  This is a great medium you have here whom your friend has named 'Mercedes'."

Katie/Mercedes: "Tell me, my Captain true, is Walter aboard with you?"

John/Ewan: "We are three Jolly Fellows.  Katie is a good fellow!"

Katie/Mercedes: "Hurrah; we are homeward bound!  Take him down among the dead men!"

[Sea talk follows between Walter, John and Katie.]

John/Ewan: "I see the ship masts, a tall ship!"

Katie: "Show her that light!  Do you see?"  No one sees a light.

John/Ewan: "Next night all will be ready for your photograph!"

Walter/Ewan: "You must sit in the cabinet exactly as you were told.  Dawn has been of great use tonight although she does not know it.  We are using a compound mixture this time.  This is something new.  On the top of that I will put a little of Dawn next time."

T. G. H.: "Like icing."

Walter: "Yes; that is smart.  What a wonderful fellow!  He is clever!  Icing?  Yes.  It is not so stupid as it sounds.  It is just like icing in one way, and in a thousand ways it is not."

"Next time Dawn will sit alone after the little lady.  You will be ready for a picture after Dawn gives the signal.  The signal is 1,2,3, fire!  The ship is not on the table.  I do not desire anyone in the cabinet when the photograph is taken.  This boy (Ewan) is the devil.  He is trying to upset my plans.  He does not like to keep out of the road.  You tell him to keep away.  Dawn needs a rest tonight.  My friend required her assistance to transmit energy through this way.  Dawn will know when to leave the cabinet.  She must sit by J. A. Hamilton and your man will be behind."

"Nobody must be free.  It is necessary that everybody be joined together.  Dawn will not be needed after she leaves the cabinet.  After the signal she will awake; but pay no attention to her.  You will go on as usual after the photograph has been taken.  The scrutineer and Dawn can hold each other's hands.  It will be necessary for me to do the work next time."

W. B. Cooper: "Shall we remove the chairs from the cabinet?"

Walter: "No; it disturbs the atmosphere."

April 29, 1930.

Door of séance room sealed

April 30, 1930.
Dr. William Creighton, scrutineer; Florence Creighton, outer guard.

9:43 p.m.        Sitting commences.

Usual  E.M. trance and writing.  At 9:43 p.m. Black Hawk speaks through Dawn.  He is not satisfied with conditions, craves a little more time.  Conditions are very much against him (Walter).

W. B. Cooper: "On your side?"

Black Hawk: "On your side; you have been too free with your speech.  You may take the picture but he will not vouch for it.  If you will give him a little more time, more quietness, not so much confusion and unsettledness among yourselves."

T. G. H.: "Take all the time you want."

Black Hawk: "He would like the medium to be in better condition.  He will talk with you later."

Walter: "Can I get a word in here?  I have been trying to talk.  I gave instructions time and time again about this.  You have been told to sing for me and keep things clear.  You have not done this. (Group sang sea songs for John).  Your own senses should tell you that sea songs would bring people not wanted, ... not for my work.  Anyhow, the medium is not in that condition; not her health, but she is tired.  The only part of her body I can use is her vocal organs.  They never get tired.  But, friends, this is very important, and it must be right.  You must do your part.  I can only do a small bit.  You should bring your friends.  (Spurgeon group) by singing hymns."

"They are very disappointed.  You are like a lot of children who forget their lessons.  When John is in command you can sing whatever you like; but when I am in command you shall sing my songs. I have my fences built and you allow undesirables here to destroy my work.  Thank goodness they have not disturbed that much.  But the next time, and the time after, have your scrutineer here.  Each time make your inspection.  See that the medium is disrobed and her food for the day very light ... in fact, it would be better if you took nothing from the midday meal.  Make that a command from me.  The witness will sit level with the side of the cabinet ... not at the back of it.  The space for the medium will be between the two (the witness and J. A. Hamilton.)  J. A. Hamilton will hold her right hand while she is in the cabinet; and when she moves up he will still hold her right hand, and her other will be in that of the witness.  He will hold the side of the cabinet, and the one on the left will hold the side of the cabinet.  Perhaps I am a little to blame for not giving the instructions clearly.  I do not know what was wrong, but it was impossible for me to control her at the other sitting.  Another thing ... do not talk at any time.  Please do not talk about it till you have got it.  That goes for the medium as well as the rest of you.  When Dawn tells too much I put nonsense in her head."

T. G. H., at Walter's request, recites instructions.  Walter rehearses the signal: stamps 1,2,3 - (interval) - 4.

Walter: "No one will give any instructions after entering the room.  No one is to talk when the little lady is talking ... not even me!  But be brief with your story.  Goodnight, friends."

John/Ewan: "I have no instructions.  Katie will be glad if you will summon her.  You have everything to gain by encouraging Katie!"

Katie/Mercedes: "Good evening.  You must not talk sea talk!"

John: "You do not understand.  When I give up command I have given it up and I cannot control the people you bring, and your friend (Walter) does not understand them  as I do."

Katie: "They are good fellows, but they are different.  It was a great pity ... I am so disappointed.  Oh, it was such a beautiful boat.  I would hate it to be damaged! (vehemently).  I will go down on my knees to Walter."

John: "You will not humble yourself."

Walter: "You do not need to go down on your knees to me.  I am a very small instrument.  The ship is all right.  It is my work that is not done.  You must wait.  You are too eager and anxious."
Katie: "I am sorry."

Walter: "It is not you, sister; I refer to the boss  (T. G. H.)."

T. G. H.: "We are always glad to get another picture."

Walter: "Glad, fiddlesticks!  This is a nice thing for a witness to come to see."

Dr. Creighton: "I am very much interested."

Katie: "Walter, I am sorry I spoke.  But I am so anxious."

Walter: "You have no reason to be sorry.  You are far above me.  I should bow to you."

Katie: "But we need your help."

Walter: "My help has been given freely.  It is the material conditions."

Katie: "We are all good friends again, father."

Walter: "We are three jolly sailors, eh?  Good-bye friends; so long!"

Katie: "I'm going home too.  It will be all right next time.  Father, may I go?  Goodnight, friends"

John: "I have still much work before me here.  I have done my part in this representation.  Your friend must have control now ... until you get what you are seeking.  I am so glad; you cannot know ... when I am permitted to be with my girl."

T. G. H.: "Do you and the girl (Katie) not stay together?"

John: "No!  No!  No!  Can you not understand?"

April 30, 1930

[Letter from Mr. Lamont of Knox Church - (sending flowers but no money)]

May 4, 1930.                        

F. Creighton, outer guard; Dr. William Creighton, scrutineer.

May 6, 1930

[Letter from Dr. Hamilton to Dr. J. C. B. Grant. re: Metapsychic Exhibit]

(Mentions a telephone conversation.)

A group of ten frames, 24 by 30 inches, containing photographs of various types of teleplasm and associated phenomena.  These will require approximately thirty lineal feet for display.  They would be seen to best advantage in a sloping position on a desk frame or an easel with generous lighting in close proximity.

A display of stereoscopic views of many of the more
interesting phenomena.  These would require a small room where the more curious scientific visitors could examine them at leisure.  For this feature of the exhibit attendants would be present at specified hours to demonstrate and answer questions.

The presence of a small section of show-case would be of advantage in which to display equipment.

May 7, 1930

[Letter from Dr. Hamilton to Dr. McAlister:]

"... I forwarded you a copy of our Manitoba Medical Bulletin in which you will note near the end that the Scientific and Hobbies Exhibit is to include a large number of photographs on our work.  This will be quite an innovation for the British Medical people.  Nevertheless, we hope they will take it in good part and as a worthwhile contribution to science.  To make the subject more readily appreciated, I am giving a noon talk following a luncheon in the Fort Garry on Wednesday, the 27th of August.  It will be a very interesting matter to watch the reaction of our profession generally.

"... Sir Oliver stated that it was a reasonably good picture of his son Raymond.

"... I am enclosing also a copy of the last photograph  which we received.  This photograph is quite unique from several standpoints.  It is, as far as we can ascertain from all of the camera records, entirely dissociated from the medium.  It is placed upon a chair as we were told it would be three months before and it is practically a full-size figure as we were told it would be four and a half months before.  The face is that of a lady whose beauty of feature and character appearance as disclosed, can be estimated only on close scrutiny.  But to those of our group who are privileged to converse with her, the personality behind is doubly beautiful.  The manner in which the ectoplasmic shell overcovering this face has been disrupted and swung back to disclose the face will be apparent if you analyze the surrounding mass adjacent to the face.

"... Unfortunately, the  "Psychic Science Quarterly"  for April 1st does not seem to have received our third article on these phenomena.  We have not learned whether the article was late in arriving or was lost in the mail.  However, I trust that their next issue will contain our contribution."

May 9, 1930.                

Dr. and Mrs. Creighton;



Walter will produce Katie photograph.

John calls his boat a "representation". 

Walter speaking of a " ... beautiful model," but " ... the rigging is a bit straggly". 

Katie also speaks of the " ... raggedness of the rigging."

Katie: "I'm going to let Walter give you my picture."

John speaks of energy, hypnosis, etc.

E.M. manifestations. 

Ewan moved to the right of the cabinet, in W. B. Cooper's place.

9:35 p.m.        All Sing for Walter.  Rubbing in the cabinet by Dawn's hand.

9:38 p.m.        Walter: "Good evening." I have tried out our medium, Dawn.  She is in better condition, but I will not attempt to give you your picture tonight.  I could not get the clear light from her.  I did get light; did you see it?

T. G. H. and W. B. Cooper: "Yes."

Walter: "I must keep the light in her, in her body.  It is not exhausted, but I must not weaken it.  When you see the light continuously she is in good condition.  Do not be impatient.  Bear with me.  I do not want to fail again.  The substance I want to use must be formed.  There is nothing wasted.  What I take from you - everyone - I am able to store for a future time.  I hope that Dawn will be quite restored and that I shall get her wires working; she is short-circuited at a good many places.  I'm satisfied with her and also with the beautiful model.  The rigging is a bit straggly, but I think we can replace it.  I'm glad you have been keeping quiet about the future picture.  I have been with some of you and I haven't heard much about the picture.  There will be no failure.  You will take the same places at the next sitting.  I hope to have the picture next sitting, but I will not promise.  If Dawn continues to progress at the same rate I'm sure everything will be all right. I was with her a good part of the time while she was away from here.  I did not show myself, but I was there.  I have other work to do; my mother is very ill.  I wish to be with her.  Her cough is very bad (medium coughs).  You see,  the very mention of certain things act upon her." ( Referring to the cough.)

Walter talks regarding Dawn's "readings" and their influence on his work.

Katie: "Everything is going well.  I would have liked if my father would have fixed the rigging.  He can do so if he wishes.  Walter told me he could.  It is a little ragged looking. He will see that it is fixed.  I want you to tell this woman (Mercedes) that I am more satisfied with her.  But she is to look after herself more than she does.  She is to eat things that will make her strong.  I am getting more familiar with her.  She must let no one else come.  My father came here because he wished to control someone who would be hard to convince.  He likes to conquer as he conquered on earth.  Lucy is standing by.  She is a control of great experience.  She controls a great number of persons but she has never before given as much as she has given you.  I want to tell you the picture is near.  I'm going to let Walter give you my picture. I wish to tell you that she ( Dawn) sleeps and will awake more fitted for her work, more willing.  I have laid my hand upon her.  She is not in any trance condition; she is asleep now."

T. G. H.: "Are sleep and trance related?"

John: "Close, but different absolutely.  To you there is a great similarity, but to me there is a great dissimilarity.  No one can now control this woman."

T. G. H.: "Transfer occurs in sleep, does it not?"

John: "It may happen; but this woman is asleep under guard."

T. G. H.: "Is hypnotism associated with trance?"

John: "I have never known a resemblance.  Hypnotism is simply a means of eliminating opposition to the operating control; Trance is the condition of control.  You can hardly realize the barriers that have been erected during this conversation."  Sometime when there is not such a pressure of work, no rush, I will go further with that matter with you.  (T. G. H. speaks of the Katie control).  She could control you all.  She does not wish that I should tell; she speaks too modestly of her powers.  It is not Walter she asks; but Walter she commands."

Katie: "I wanted to keep that a secret."

John: Speaks of the mystery of the ship; it's apparent reality to them but the invisibility to sitters and mediums. "It is invisible to the medium; it is only visible to me because it is formed only of energy that has not been given a material form."

T. G. H.: "Energy stabilized?"

John: "The energy is stationary; it is cut off."

T. G. H.: "From other energy?"

John: "Yes.  Otherwise it would be fluidic and the boat would not remain there for a second."

T. G. H.: "What is your energy back of this?"

John: "My energy is not connected with the ship.  We were all connected but there was no extraneous connection; it was drawn to a core.  The energy which you find was taken from you all when that work was done.  Now he (Walter) will give it a material form which will be visible to all."

T. G. H.: "From us all?"  (Referring to the material).

John: "From your medium.  She is the holder of certain properties which are not present in most people on your side.  These properties are manipulated by your friend."

T. G. H.: "Is mediumship of that type a lucky accident?"

John: "It is not so common as you might think.  It will be discovered if sought for."

T. G. H.: "Is it not a duty to seek?"

John: "That depends.  It is not for everybody to devote their time, and ambitions, and gifts to one thing."

T. G. H.: "Is it not for the good of humanity?"

John: "Yes, but there are other good things for humanity.  We do not want to have one continuous connection with your sphere.  This sphere has been set apart for reasons we must not doubt.  In time, as you reckon it, there will be, no doubt, much closer and more frequent contact, but not at the present.  I will not keep you long for this woman (Dawn) stirs and wishes to awake.  Good night."

Katie: "Good night."

May 11, 1930.

John again speaks of the rigging of his invisible ship.

John and Katie claim to put Mercedes in very deep trance.  And information is given that very deep trance will be used in the future of the Katie-John materialization.  All this to take time.

May 16, 1930.

Sitting was held at the home of  W. E. Hobbes. 

A short period before the meeting was taken up with music from the gramophone.  Such pieces were played as: Largo, Chanson Triste, Triumviare, Moment Musicale. 

The last piece put on was Claude Debussy's "Nuages".

During the playing of this last piece Sterge, who had been there for some time, spoke for the first time and announced himself delighted with the conditions and laughed very happily while chatting very gaily about everything in general. 

He said that he had waited till the proper moment to come through and that he had kept the medium's feet crossed in order to ensure the body of his medium against strangers in the way of controls.  He said that he was the only one who could uncross.

(We suspect that "Nuages" gave him the ability to surge in easily at the right moment.)

A few minutes were spent in conversation about the pieces that had been played, then Sterge said that he had some instructions to give and asked that  W. E. Hobbes take them down in writing.  W. E. Hobbes was ready and Sterge in a calm manner dictated the following:

"Don't give in to the urge for visitors.  They need too much explanation and they have one idea in mind; that of obtaining personal messages, and they are not sympathetic to the points you want to bring out."

"In order to successfully get definite results along any line of psychic investigation, particularly of the mental type, it is essential that you have an objective and that the objective be known to all those sitting in the circle, that they be sympathetic towards it and ever keep it before them during their work.  That is the first Golden Key and it is the biggest.  If you have your objective and your sympathetic working attitude from your sitters, you have gone half the way towards securing your objective.  If you obey the following small practical rules you cannot fail to grasp it.  My rules are:

"Approach your line of research in the spirit of service not in the spirit of self.  This I do for others and the glory of my Father and consecration to all mankind, forgetting myself, and fame, and even though I should lose virtue in the sight of the others, yet must I strive towards this end.  That is the spirit of Service."

"Secondly.  Have this in mind: 'I must apply it to my work as an investigator.  It is simply so much unused muscle if it is not applied to your work.  Then, thirdly: having your objective in mind and keeping wreathed about it the spirit of service, you shall now work out a definite program of séance technique.  This shall be determined by accurate scientific observation of the methods used in the séances which divulged the greatest beneficial results.  If a record is not kept of technique, your séance is a scientific failure.  If you are doing it for science do it for science!  Observe; and having observed, apply your observations to your work.  Observation is the root of all discovery.  Furthermore, points of technique to be remembered: it is better to postpone a séance than to go into it with a troubled mind or an ill-nourished and sickly body.  Go in in health.  So only will you gain from it yourself.  We cannot help you physically if you have not a foundation.  We can only aid effort (and Hobbes, this is a true statement).  Then if your rules be followed that your sitters be interested and sympathetic toward what you are doing, the fact that others should be allowed to come to your séance hinges on the question "are they sympathetically mentally attuned to our objective?"  That does not forbid visitors; it merely depends on how you can answer that question for them.  Some points I might help you with in your observations.'"

R. L. Stevenson material: It is his family tree.  He says that he has to "smother" himself to get through, that it is harder for him than for the French lad.  "It's been that way frae the beginning.  I've probably got too many irons in the fire, and when I've got to carry wood for the fire! That's bad.  I'll burn the family tree!"

Someone asks about his "home" over there.

R. L. Stevenson: "I've got all my sweets and a backyard and I've got a fireplace in a corner.  It's a rather queer place but there's got to be a fireplace in the corner.  It's our cozy corner.  The old man was a bit angry when I did no' want to put lights on the ends o' steeples.  But he got over it, but I was the first rebel in the family for awhile.  The whole family are designing towers now." (On his side)

"Do you want to hear about a fisherwoman? Aye, and I'm no' going to tell you. (To T. G. H.).  I'm telling your guid lady."

T. G. H.: "I'll listen."
R. L. Stevenson: "That's the best you can do.  Jess, ye ken that slattern Katie over there?  She's got her eye on him. Aye, and there's a sailor lad doon there; she's got her eye on him, aye.  Then there's my John askin' for her, and she'll no' hae anything to do with them.  She thinks those bare feet o' hers as are too good to tread in my household!  The slut!"

"And I'll no' tread in your home; no, Mistress McBurnie.  I'll no' tread over your threshold, Mrs. McBurnie for all your son, John.  I can carry my head as high without your family.  And as for my own sailor lad, your own slutty petticoats can no' get him; your own daughter ha' no' got an opportunity, that's all you're jealous of; you're no' getting this fish in your family net.  I say good day to you, Mrs. McBurnie, and I'm no' caring for a bed in your hoos."

"The lass turned away and gave her hips a hearty slap as she left Mrs. McBurnie.  That was all she cared for her.  Mrs. McBurnie rubbed her red arms and repeated a fisherwoman's rosary after her; she called all the saints one by one.  She began with the lesser saints and ended with the greater ones.  I wanted to tell you how an old woman told her rosary to the girl's back; she cursed her by all the saints in the calendar.  Oh, I get off there.  It's queer how I get off there.  She's a braw lass with good plump hips; she's been pulling in the nets so long she's all hips and arms.  I cannot get back on my boat again.  I'm off it noo."

"I'll take you back someday to the Isles of Rain, with the turtles crawling up the sand.  I'll take ye down there sometime again.  I go back often because I like it the best of all.  We'll go turtle-hunting in the moonlight. Ye get a wee stick and turn them on their backs and their legs wave in the air.  Then ye can kill them.  They dinna bite; they've got no mouth.  Huh!  Innocence!"

T. G. H.: "I was just wondering what kind of turtle you were talking about."

R. L. S.: "Oh, a mock turtle."

There is nothing finer than a period of preparation such as tonight.  Nothing finer, not a thing finer - you could not do anything better and it is only when everyone is attuned that the value of such a period of preparation is felt and noticed and afterwards utilized."

"What more do you lack?"

W. E. Hobbes: "We desire to learn your present objective?"

"Sterge's objective at the present time is fundamentally a critical one."


"In the group having characteristics as I have outlined above, having suitable and capable of mediumistic contact with our (spirit) side, they will gather around them a group of our people desirous of doing the same work.  What you want you will get, and what you desire you will be lucky to get."

W. E.  Hobbes enquires regarding the size of the group.  States that although two work well tonight that three are required for purposes of evidence.

"The evidence of two is required but see what the brilliance of one can do.  For the time being I do desire to put through literary evidences and proof.  It has been desired but not strongly enough."

W. E. Hobbes speaks of David and the fact that he is busy, etc. Sterge says that this is all right and that he is finding that there is a reward to it all.  He is finding out the joy of curing people and Sterge says he likes to see them smile at him.  Sterge says that he will try and lighten our loads of work by doing our worrying for us and this applies to David also. (The idea was more that we could throw our worries onto them and they would do any worrying).

"Worry" said Sterge, is "wasted energy.  It just means you put your car into low gear to climb a small hill."

Sterge: "Have this séance copied out and have it typed in triplicate, one copy for David, one for  W. E. Hobbes, and one for Madame Hamilton - and sign it by the order of the General Sterge, and tell her (Madame Hamilton) that it is Sterge's proclamation."

"You can tell David - he wants to prove three things: Some tangible scientific method by which an individual under certain conditions and with certain apparatus may procure concrete proof of the effect of thought upon matter.  He also wants literary evidences, but he feels that the value of the literary evidences depends entirely upon the scientific concrete proof backing it.  He also desires some psychic healing, particularly of the type relating to psychopathic cases.  Find out his object and his objective, and tell him I will help him.  I will help here in their objective.  I will help him in his objective and I will lay the foundation this summer.  He has some plans to draw up before I would lay the foundation."

In regard to David's question, Sterge says "I am working so that you may have definite objectives.  That is the tangible."

May 18, 1930.

Katie states that when she begins her own work she will require to have her medium (Mercedes) in a reclining position.

May 21, 1930.                

9:25 p.m.        Group number and sing for Spurgeon.  They then sing for Walter.

9:35 p.m.        Walter speaks through Dawn.  He says "Are you all here?"  with the direct voice.  John says we are all here.  Rubbing of cabinet wall begins.

Walter: "I can't give you your picture tonight.  I want Dawn to try and follow my instructions - not to drink so much liquid.  Her whole body is flowing with water. (A very hot day).  I will give you your picture at your next sitting whether it is a ship or a sheep. (Asks that the medium be instructed to diet carefully).  I am covering the ship with ectoplasm now and it is staying.  It will be all right next time.  If I don't give you the ship I will give you myself. I will give you something.  I would like you all to wear as little clothing at that sitting - as few clothes as earthly conventions demand.  There is a heavy force tonight - a heavy atmosphere which makes it hard to work with the medium.  If everyone will rest for one hour before we sit, for peace and quietude's sake.  If at first we don't succeed, try, try again.  Time always brings its reward - good or bad.  You will surely get your reward for your patience and perseverance.  Everything is favorable.  You have many friends standing around. (Speaks of Dawn's other work).  She would be better if she did not seek other controls.  Black Hawk goes with her often.  He stays  around and sometimes protects the cells that I require.  I do wish that she would be sensible.  She is a fool; if only she knew how foolish she is.  Goodnight, friends.  So long."

John: "You don't realize how important it is that I succeed.  Yes, Walter has more knowledge than all of you.  I have only one thing to do - complete the elimination of his (Ewan's) personality from its contact with his senses.  It is his senses that hold.  He is very much more loosely attached tonight.  It is an interesting case."

T. G. H.: "Does your power improve as you try other cases?"

John: "I have to know my instrument.  I get to know it and to know the stops.  Give me some help.  Do not listen too attentively to what I say.  I must endeavor to get contact with you." (Walter urges group to talk loudly) (all talk a regular babble, and John yells loudly that he is delighted.)

One of the John's crew speaks through Dawn.  The voice speaks in inimitable Irish brogue.  Katie speaks regarding the ship.  She says another little time will do it no harm.  Says not to sit too long, that the expectation and tenseness takes power.  She is pleased with her medium's physical condition.  Speaking of the coming holiday season she remarked that "it would be a pity if you could not foregather."

May 23, 1930

[Letter from Stanley de Brath - regarding skepticism about 'Margery's' work - Mrs. Crandon - also mention of Mr. Besterman - a skeptic ]

[Title page of the Presidential Address delivered by Dr. Rennie Swan at Manitoba Medical College, May 23, 1930]

An Adventure in Faith

[This is a well-written essay on the probability of life beyond the physical grave - it was prepared and delivered not long before to the British Medical Association Convention - there is mention of Dr. Hamilton's work but no details are given.]

"It was my privilege to be the guest of Dr. Hamilton at the time of the Winnipeg Conference of the British Medical association in 1930, and I well remember the general interest taken by the assembled medical men in the display of his remarkable photographic specimens of teleplasm and table levitation, which filled an annex of their exhibition.  Startling as were these exhibits, not only for their unfamiliarity to the professional mind, but also for their inherent and extraordinary quality, I was impressed by the serious nature of the attention bestowed upon them and by the fact that no word or sign of ridicule, disdain, or skeptical incredulity was manifest in any quarter during that time."

"As the guest of Hamilton I had the advantage of attending several sittings at his home.  There I witnessed the striking phenomenon of three subjects simultaneously in trance and their respective "controls" carrying on an animated conversation - in fact, a debate - in terms so foreign to the normal personality of the subjects that they inevitably brought the common-sense conclusion that they were independent personalities.  It was vastly amusing and instructive to listen to the characteristic tones of Walter Stinson forcefully upholding colonial views and principles in argument with John King, the Elizabethan buccaneer captain, who, in a rich Tudor brogue, maintained the superiority of British thought and institutions.  The argument indeed became at one moment so heated that one of the contestants started forward as though prepared to pummel his adversary, and it needed the gentle voice of Katie King, emanating from a third one of the entranced subjects, to restore harmony.  Call this, if you will, a subconscious dramatization: it was at least unpremeditated and had all the marks of being spontaneous and actuated by genuine emotion."

"John King first appeared to the Hamilton group in 1930 through the trance state of the secondary medium Ewan, and purported to be aiding in the production of the 'Lucy' and 'Katie' materializations which came into view in 1930, 1931 and 1932 and which were photographed by Dr. Hamilton under strict test conditions."

"John King's great driving energy was regarded by Dr. Hamilton as being one of the major factors leading to the success of these experiments, where will and matter (the materializing substance) blended to bring to light the fully objective but short-lived creations.  Hence Dr. Hamilton's interest in the mystery of will, an inner phenomenon to which the T. G. Communicator has already referred."

"For T. G. H. to place John King at the head of the list of those whom he had met, is thus evidential of T. G. H. as known by those who worked intimately with him."

"In August, 1930, he addressed an audience of five hundred, made up largely of delegates to the British Medical Association when it met here in Winnipeg.  And when he and my mother spent three months in England in the summer of 1932, where they attended the British Medical Association Convention in London, he addressed two gatherings in that great city.  They also made the person acquaintance of Miss Estelle Stead, Mrs. Hewat McKenzie, Mr. David Gow, Mrs. Stanley deBrath, Lady Conan Doyle, and others.  He was also interviewed by a reporter from the "Daily Sketch" which published a lengthy series of articles on his work."

[May 23, 1930][Tribute from Dr. Rennie Swan - published by the Winnipeg Medical Society]

[Footnote 3.  The trance director giving the name 'John King' claimed to be the John King known to many earlier investigators - Myers, Richet, Flammarion, Crookes, and others.  It will be recalled that he was associated with the appearance of various types of visible objective phenomena later called materializations.]

May 28, 1930.                



Mercedes under Katie control will pass into deep trance.  (See Mercedes cataleptic trance state beginning October, 1930).



Mercedes to become as one who has died.  (See Mercedes cataleptic trance state beginning October 30, 1930.)

Walter gives the signal.  Flash released.  Immediately after, Walter says "It's no good.  It's the damned {red light?}.  It wouldn't stay up.  "Three little paper sails!"  Says the sails will show.  ( See photos of this date)

Katie intimates that later when doing her own work she will take Mercedes "very far" - that's into a very profound state of trance."

Walter states that the ship will be seen - and that he will make it visible in his own way.

The sails come into view.

9:25 p.m.        Group number and sing for Spurgeon's hymn.  Shuffling in the vicinity of the cabinet.

9:32 p.m.        Flash.  Walter gives signal: 1,2,3,4 raps on the cabinet wall with Dawn's right hand.

9:35 p.m.        Walter: "No, no, no, no (five more no's).  It's all right.  It's gone.  I took everything, everything.  I used him.  I used the boy. " ( Stamps several times).

John: "Walter used everything.  It left him empty.  Walter took everything.  He felt himself like a leaf just falling.  And Walter blew.  He was afraid if he didn't tell you, you would muddle things."

[Photo of "The Teleplasmic Sails.]

T. G. H.: "Well, he didn't, did he?"

John: "Ask him."

T. G. H.: "Walter ..."

John: "He had to conserve."

T. G. H.: "He always saves."

John: "No, he didn't save a scrap.  He left himself nothing.  He'll make you suffer for this; he'll take it all out of you again."

Walter: "No."

Katie: "He's mad."

T. G. H.: "What about?"
Walter: "Go to hell.  It is all a washout.  It is no good."

T. G. H.: "Didn't we get the signal right?"

Walter: "Yes.  It's the damned old tub; there's nothing to it; it's all a washout.  It wouldn't stay up; ... three little paper sails."

T. G. H.: "Will the sails show?"

Walter: "Of course they will.  I'll put that ship upon the sea if it's the last thing I do ... In my own way.  I'll do it myself."

Katie: "He knows nothing about ships; he couldn't even build an engine."

Walter: "No, but I could drive one bloody fast."

John: "Paper sails!"

Walter: "Yes, that is all it is ... paper sails.  I'll work alone.  I'll put that ship there.  You must put your cameras higher.  I moved it to the back of the cabinet and it fell to pieces.  Put it at the top of the cabinet above the heads of those who come and go.  He was so overjoyed (John), he had to jump about.  I tell you, friends; it was all a washout."

T. G. H.: "Nothing on the plates?"

Walter: "Only two or three little pieces of paper.  I tell you I moved it; the medium stood up into it.  I said the chair should be at the edge - not at the back of the cabinet."

Black Hawk: "Paleface bid me come.  He has not succeeded.  No fault of yours.  No fault of the medium.  It was his own fault, entirely.  You can put your picture machines higher and he will try and gather it together. Do this at once so that you may be ready at your next sitting.  I have no ..."

May 28, 1930.                

The sails come into view.

9:25 p.m.        Group number and sing for Spurgeon's hymn.  Shuffling in the vicinity of the cabinet.

9:32 p.m.        Flash.  Walter gives signal: 1,2,3,4 raps on the cabinet wall with Dawn's right hand.

9:35 p.m.        Walter: "No, no, no, no (five more no's).  It's all right.  It's gone.  I took everything, everything.  I used him.  I used the boy. " ( Stamps several times).

John: "Walter used everything.  It left him empty.  Walter took everything.  He felt himself like a leaf just falling.  And Walter blew.  He was afraid if he didn't ..."

"... permission to promise anything, but he has left here and taken the model with him.  I have no hand in this whatever.  I think myself he was a little too hasty."

Katie: "You people have no idea how much depends on that picture.  To my father it means all."

John: "Have I not told you?  He is not a free agent.  He has got to make that ship.  He is anxious to get on with work of his own, but he must first do this important work.  You did not observe how much more easily tonight power was withdrawn. It was with the greatest facility that he got all the power he required.  Do not discuss any developments that may be taking place - least of all what Katie tells you."

Katie: "Tell my medium she must not be afraid of me when I come to visit her in her own home.  I just want to ask you if there should come a time when I take her so very far, will you be able to bring her back?"

T. G. H.: "We hope so; but we do not wish to run any risk."

Dawn: (A Voice): "I will bring her back."

John: "It will be a beautiful demonstration."

Dawn: "It was not Walter who spoke."

John: "It was a greater than Walter."

Katie: "If you knew who it was you would be astonished, but more of that anon; have finished now."
Dawn (A Voice): "I have been sent to speak.  You must bring someone into this place when you come to fix your cameras.  You (to T. G. H.) must not come in here alone.  A person who comes with you must seal the door.  Goodnight.  God bless you.  Be at peace with the whole universe.  Good night."

[Notes in margin. "Exceptionally deep Trance in Mercedes again predicted"]

John: "He quickly overcame that being who trie to come in.  Did you observe that, my friends?  The higher can always control the lower."

Dawn (A Voice): "Eternal, everlasting Father. Thou who seest all things, be a guest in this place tonight.  Be with each one as they separate.  Go with them . Let Thy messengers of love follow them .  Let them  be guided by the loved spirit.  Let them  know that Thou art a loving Savior; that Thou art ever present and receive a request before it is expressed. Thou great loving Father, bless each child that is here tonight.  Fill them  with a desire to know more of Thee; to learn at Thy foot stool - the Author and Finisher of all things.  Amen."

[The "SAILS" of  Teleplasm  photographed]

[ Photo teleplasmic sails ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

Above speaker said to be the "Wanderer".  Walter asks that we bring the sitting to a close.

John: "Oh, my friends, I can't explain to you how anxious I am.  It is important for my daughter's sake.  Your friend got power with great ease tonight but that is nothing to what we could get if I could get complete control.  I will bid you all a good night."

All the group repeats the Mizpah.

All: "May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from the other."