January 2, 1940.

Sittings held for teleplasmic manifestations.

Usual Group.

Dawn entranced almost immediately.  Peter falls forward in semi-trance state.  Groans and coughs at times.  Very little conversation except some lighthearted chaffing between Dawn and Beulah controls.

Following the sitting  R. L. Stevenson spoke evidentially to L. H. through Beulah, after the others had left the room.

January 11, 1940.

Usual group.

Dawn and Beulah entranced quickly.  No talking for a long time.  Peter passes into the deepest trance state he has yet to been in.  He is relaxed and quiet and groans audibly now and again.

Toward the close of the sitting Walter spoke as follows: "Sun Yan (Mr. Reed), you can get your cameras and apparatus ready any time now.  We will see what we can do.  How would you like it  (the teleplasmic mass) - in little pieces?  It's Ham's plan.  I don't think it will work, but I'll try.  Ham gives the orders, but I do as I damned please.  I'm the boss around here.  Ham just thinks he is."

Beulah returns from deep trance sleep and says T. G.  H. showed her a teleplasm in pieces, made up of separate parts that could be put together."

Weekly sittings held up to February 14, 1940.  On February 17, 1940, Mrs. Wither leaves on a visit to California.  Walter says the four are to continue experiments; that the "form" is still standing.

February 23, 1940.        

Important Prophecy.

Present: Dawn; Peter; L. H.; Mr. Reed; Mercedes. 

Mercedes present for the first time in over a year.  Conditions appear to be excellent.  Peter semi-entranced most of the time.  His body jerks spasmodically frequently.

Mercedes and Peter see clairvoyantly a man who says he is Sir Edward Reed, uncle of  H. A. Reed.  He states through Mercedes that the work is not yet completed; but that the hand of Reed would "pull the lever" that would complete it.  He seems to be on a ship, Mercedes reports; and is holding a watch in his hand and saying, Too slow, too slow!"

Walter asks for two more sittings.  Says he will then show the materializations.

Sittings arranged for Tuesday and Wednesday, February 27 and 28, 1940.

February 23, 1940.

Present: Dawn; H. A. Reed; Mr. Wither (Peter) and L. H.

9:00 p.m.        Sitting commenced. Singing followed by nonsense talk by Walter for some time.  Dawn shuffles her feet and stamps them  vigorously in time with singing.  Following this she passes into a very deep state of trance.  Heard moaning a little.  Makes gasping sounds.  Peter complains of feeling a sharp pain in his chest and upper abdomen.  He moves about uneasily as if in distress of some kind.

Walter(to Mr. Reed): "Have you got your cameras ready?"

Mr. Reed: "Yes, Walter."

Walter: "How would you like to fire your flash just when you feel like it?"

Mr. Reed: "All right."

A few moments later Mr. Reed fires the flashbulb by means of the electric cord he holds in his hand.

Dawn groans uneasily.  We sing a little, while Mr. Reed closes the cameras.

The medium's hands have been held throughout - Peter holding her right hand and Mr. Reed her left.  L. H. kneels in front of her up to the time Walter seemed to be ready.  Dawn was in deep trance throughout.

After a little time Walter speaks: "When you come the next time I want Dawn's arms and neck and shoulders bare.  I must have them  bare."

Mr. Reed: "What did you give us, Walter?"

Walter: "Just wait and see.  Oh, just a little exhibition.  No person in it.  No, there is no person in it.  Come into the next sitting and be happy that you have come!"

This last in a loud commanding voice.

Sitting closed by all repeating the Mizpah.

All: "May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from the other."

This is to certify that just prior to the sitting I examined Mrs. Marshall (Dawn) thoroughly.  She had on her dress, bloomers, slip, and a loose corset.  I put my hand down inside the corset all around and examined her bloomers and stockings.  There was nothing on her of a fraudulent nature.  Just prior to the flash, which I knew was imminent, I examined the control of her hands and found Mr. Wither holding her right hand and Mr. Reed her left.  Both said they had maintained contact throughout.

Three cameras were used - wide angle, the stereoscopic, and Mr. Reed's.  Mr. Reed brought his own plate and handled his own camera.  Mr. Neil, of Neil Place, E. Kildonan, set up and prepared the other two cameras.

I also wish to note that Dawn's reaction to the phenomenon was markedly violent - she seemed to be choking, and got her breath finally with great difficulty.  She looked very white and tired; complained of feeling nauseated, and was taken home immediately by Mr. Reed in his car.

Signed: Lillian Hamilton.

February 27, 1940.                        

"Kerchief" Teleplasm.

Following a fairly long series of sittings held with Dawn and the Withers in January and February of 1940, a very remarkable materialization appeared on February 27.  The mediums (Mr. Wither and Dawn), reaction similar to those seen with  T. G. H. experiments and Walter's technique showing no of variation.

Dawn's hands were held from the beginning to the end of the experiment.  Fraud was impossible.

Dawn examined by Lillian Hamilton before entering the locked séance room.

The pattern on the handkerchief was said (by our controls) to have been designed by an artist on "their side" to match the pansy design of the medium's dress!

[How explain this phenomenon?  We cannot.  When we are able to explain life itself and its myriad creative outlets; then, perhaps, the mystery will unfold itself.  To the Creator of all I give thanks. - L. H.]

[Photo.  Enlargement of the "Kerchief" of February 27, 1940. Lower caption: "I solemnly declare that I am absolutely certain that the above (the beautiful mass which has taken on the attributes and appearance of a handkerchief) - was the result of creative forces lying beyond the normal - in a word, the creative forces of unseen human beings.]

"Kerchief" Teleplasm.

[Photo.  Upper caption: "The Supernormal Handkerchief, February 27, 1940.  Lower caption: "Wide angle photograph showing the exact circumstances under which the handkerchief appeared.  Dawn was thoroughly examined and searched by L. H. before she entered the seance room. Her right hand held by Mr. Withers, her left hand by Mr. Reed, whose back is to the camera.  ( L. H. in left foreground.)

The (so-called) Kerchief Teleplasm.

A beautifully patterned handkerchief is seen tied over Dawn's face.  It was not to be found after the experiment was over.  In line with the shining garment materialization of  February 25, 1931, and the other Katie Veil phenomena.

[A materialization showing pattern never before photographed so far as can be discovered.- L. H.]

(Sitting notes by Lillian Hamilton as follows:)

Present: Dawn;  Mr. Wither; Lillian Hamilton; and Mr. Reed.

Sitting commenced around 9:00 p.m. Dawn entranced.  Nonsense talk by Walter for some little time.  Dawn stamps vigorously.  More profound state of trance ensues.  Groans and makes gasping sounds. Withers (who remains fully normal), complains of pain in side and upper abdominal area.  He moves uneasily as if in distress.
Walter: (to Mr. Reed).  "Are your cameras ready?"

Mr. Reed: "Yes, Walter."

Walter: "How would you like to fire the flash - just when you feel like it?"

Mr. Reed: "All right."

A moment later Mr. Reed forces the flash.  Dawn groans uneasily.

Walter: "When you come next time I want the medium's neck and arms bare.  I must have them bare.

L. H.: "All right, Walter; we will follow instructions."

Mr. W. A. Wither's Statement Re The Teleplasmic Masses of February 27, 1940 and February 28, 1940.

"I can remember well the sittings held in connection with these experiments.  I held Dawn's right-hand during the entire sitting.  My right hand was held by Mrs. Hamilton.  Mr. Reed held Dawn's left hand.  At no time during the settings did I release Dawn's right-hand; nor did Mrs. Hamilton release mine.  The contact was held throughout.

We started the sitting in each case by singing, and Dawn went into trance.  Walter came through and laughed and joked with us.  Later Dawn went into deeper trance and moved her feet and waved her hands making me do the same in order to keep time, as it were.

Mr. Reed carefully checked the cameras.  He was very painstaking about his part of the experiment.  Everything had to be gone over carefully.  He had been for a long time a collaborator with the late Dr. T. Glen Hamilton, and assisted materially, in the previous remarkable materialization experiments.  Mr. Reed left nothing to chance.  In the first experiment Walter told Mr. Reed to fire when he was ready; in the second Walter gave the order to "fire!"

Dawn was very uneasy after the sittings and seemed to take a long time to come back to a normal state.  They were evidently very exhausting to her.

There was no possibility whatever of fraudulent action on the part of Dawn during these two experiments, in my opinion.  With Mr. Reed on one side holding her left hand, and myself on the other side holding her right and, without a break during the entire sitting (in each case) any fraudulent action on her part was out of the question.

I remember our surprise when the plates were developed and we saw the results of the experiments.  To me they were amazing in view of the fact that there were so few persons present at the sittings.

(Signed)   W. A. Wither.
(Vancouver - April, 1947)

Enlargement - Identification

[ Photo of supernormal kerchief ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

February 28, 1940.

[Photo. (Of the Four-Faces Teleplasm).  Side Caption: "If this "mirror" process actually exists - then we are in line with the astronomer who studies only photographs of his subjects - stars, moons, suns, etc.]

[Lower Caption: "The face at the  extreme left was at once identified by Mr. Reed as that of his brother (a lawyer) who had died a few years previous to this time.  The middle  upper face Mr. Reed identified as being that of his great-uncle, Sir Edward Reed, in his day a noted battle ship builder who lived and died in England.  He died when Reed was a young boy but he remembered him distinctly.  Furthermore, it will be recalled that this uncle purported to communicate on February 23rd and predicted the end of the work - that is the teleplasms. (See notes).]

Intention here steadily unfolding (cont'd next page)

[The face to the right said to be Elizabeth M., as she is now on the other side.  One photograph of her when about forty show that this alleged Elizabeth countenance is very like Elizabeth at the time (around 1912).]

[The lower face said to be J. A. Hamilton.]

[The lower "face" - plainly an imitative affair entirely - was Walter's "joke"; "Mortimer Sneard" (of whom Mr. Reed was very fond.).  Up-to-date in teleplasm!!  Later Walter asked us if we noticed Mortimer's "lugs"?  - said one of them  was too big, and much to his disgust - did not match the other.]

[Mortimer Sneard was a character from the Red Skelton show which was very popular in the years of radio and even the early years of television. - W. D. F.]

That Walter was aware that this was the last of the Dawn materializations phenomena his words spoken just before he called for this flash shows:

"This is the end - the end I tell you; no more work of this kind!"

[This proved to be true.  Many sittings with Dawn in 1941 - 1944.  Never any suggestion to try for teleplasms.  Was Walter's exuberant happiness due to the fact that he had reached the end of a long and difficult series of experiments?  One wonders! - L. H.]

His last word, then, to us, was a humorous one - "Mortimer" in teleplasm.  The gay Walter to the end; and this we must believe, a true teacher regarding death and its mystery.  "There is no death - what seems so is transition".  And life THERE is as objective to its citizens as life here is to us.

The  L. H.- Reed Experiments of 1940

1.         More Materializations

2.        Predictions of More Writings

[Note: following the sitting Mr. Reed showed us prints of the exposed plates of February 27 and 28, 1940, for the first time.  Mercedes stated that the man with a beard (of February 28, 1940) was a man she had seen on the evening of February 23, 1940.]

["This is Important in light of 1941 - 1944 writings."]

[The 'man with the beard - namely the man who purported to be Mr. Reed's deceased uncle - Sir Edward Reed.]

Enlargement (of Four Faces Teleplasm)

[Photo.  Lower Caption: "Note the net-like substance very similar to that photographed May 28, 1939.  It is here also used as a support to the teleplasm which seems to lie under it in the upper portion of the mass.  It would seem  likely that this "net" had overcovered the face but had been removed just before the flash was called for.]

[Side Caption:  "These faces, like the T. G. H. likeness, said to be mirrored reflections of the living discarnate entities.  The lower "face" a molded product - molded on their side and reflected in ours by way of teleplasm."]

[Note that the mass is placed at a distance from the medium's body.  This puts it in line with many previous teleplasms secured in earlier years by T. G. H.]

Like the T. G. H. likeness of May 22, 1939, these faces are said to be "mirrored" reflections of living discarnate or disembodied entities.

Note the net-like substance, very similar to that which was photographed on May 28, 1939. (Several days after the T. G. H. likeness appeared.)  Is this "net" both a support for, and a cover for, the tiny faces; a net which has been removed just before the signal was given for the flash?

Several materializing mediums in Europe in 1910 to 1920's had also produced formations of this character. (Madame Bisson's worked with Eva C., Schrenck-Notzing's photos of a similar substance).  All were violently accused of fraud.  This present exposure is NOT fraudulent.  What do we know of the great and varied types of creative energies that lie unknown in the universe about us?

[Photo.  Lower Caption:" Stereo view showing Dawn's hands are being held at the moment this flash is released by Mr. Reed.  We have also the statement by Mr. Wither that her hands were held throughout - a part of the experimental procedure enforced in every sitting - experiment of this series as a matter of routine procedure.

Note that the mass has appeared at a distance from the medium's body and thus an event in line with many previous materializations secured by T. G. Hamilton.]

[ Photo of four-face teleplasm - also sometimes referred to a five-face teleplasm because of attached Mortimer Sneard face at bottom ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[ Photo ]

[Letter from Mrs. Henry Reed (continued)]

Henry in life.  They all quite convinced it is him and compared the picture from all angles.  Then still to be more sure, I asked Henry's doctor down to see the photo (supernatural) and he also can see a strong resemblance.  This well Sir Edward Reed, is very plain to see.  We have therefore no doubts at all after comparing the natural and supernatural photos.

I am pleased to know you have had a letter from Hugh.  He always thought that death must be a wonderful experience.

I hope this little help I have been able to give may be of some small value to you.  It is truly an astounding work, and Hugh certainly told me much about that, for which I am grateful to him.

Once again, I wish to thank for the remarkable photo which I value very much.

Yours very sincerely,
Gladys M. Reed.

[ Photo.  Lower Caption:  "Identifications:  extreme left, at once identified by Mr. Reed as the likeness of his deceased brother, a lawyer who had died in the middle 1930's.  The middle upper face Mr. Reed identified as that of his great uncle, Sir Edward Reed, a noted naval architect (see encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition.)  Mr. Reed explained the vision of his uncle (seen clairvoyantly by Mercedes on February 23, 1940, as being highly evidential.  Mr. Reed was always present at the launching of a ship which he had designed, and he always 'timed' its actions as it went down the slip into the water. (Mercedes knew nothing of this, and had no way of knowing.) Also, it is to be recalled that on February 23, Sir Edward Reed predicted the end of the teleplasmic work; and that Hugh's hand would "pull the lever."  Once again, intention was manifested and realized.  The face on upper right is Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Poole.) as she now is. (She died in July, 1935.)  The lower face is definitely doctor  J. A. Hamilton (who died at the end of 1934.)]

Some sittings held in March. At one of these Walter asks for writing materials.

[Additional notes: Following the sitting Dawn shows very strong reaction; is dazed for a long time and complains of feeling dizzy.  Is very pale.  Looks completely worn out.  Asks to be taken home quickly.

Prior to the sitting of February 28, 1940, I undressed Dawn in my upstairs bedroom, taking off her own dress and putting on her a black evening gown of my own, so as to allow her arms and shoulders and neck to be bare, as Walter had requested.  I also examined her undergarments carefully.  There was nothing on her whatsoever but these garments.]

Signed: Lillian Hamilton.

RE: HAMILTON CIRCLE           Wednesday Evenings

From May 8, 1935 to November 27, 1935.

"Sixteen sittings are recorded between these dates, but now that I check on this I find there are four more in 1935 and sixteen in 1936, the last recorded sitting being on June 8.

"In the back of the book there is an enlarged picture which is there stated to have been taken on May 22, 1939.  Your Dad's face and a face I do not recognize appear through holes in a square of white material above the head of a woman with her eyes closed.

"So far as I know these are the only documents in my possession that have anything to do with the sittings of over 40 years ago.  I hope my having them hasn't made any difficulties for you in your records. I shall mail the book to you as soon as the rush of Christmas mail is over.
"Oh, I forgot.  The record of all the sittings but two are in Gladys's handwriting; the two are in mine.

"A very happy Christmas to you,"

Signed (Bruce?)(Chown?)

April 10, 1940.

Present: Dawn; Mercedes; Mr. Reed; Mr. Wither; and L. H.

Dawn passes into deep trance.  Her head falls forward on the table.  She speaks for some unknown control:

"Yes, yes, we will write.  Three new persons will join your writing group.  Give us paper and pencils.  Stead will take charge of the first writing.  He wants to rewrite some of the things he wrote in life.  "I want writing that cannot be rubbed out.  What is written - is written."

April, 1940 (May 24, 1940)

Report to Mr. Eayre on "A Call to Science"
by Dr. T. Glen Hamilton

Copy to Archives on March 26, 1940

"This book is a faithful record of a series of experiments in psychic research carried out by Dr. Glen Hamilton and a small group of people over a period of fifteen years.  The approach of the group to the subject was this: certain supernormal phenomena are possible. All right: we will provide conditions which, so far as we know, are perfect, and which certainly are fool-proof, and we will sit and see what happens.  They sat and things did happen.  The author is well know as a medical man in Western Canada, and was for some time president of the Manitoba Medical Association.  His group of people were drawn from business and professional folk, They were certainly not the sort of people to give up so much time over a long period of years for something that was fraudulent.

"The results were amazing, and I feel very strongly that this book is a definite contribution to the scientific literature written upon the subject of psychic research.  It is written purely from the scientific and medical points of view: the religious attitude  (by the sitters) was not adopted, though they were astonished to find that it was from certain of the communicating entities who claimed to have been well known people in their lifetimes.

"Certain features about the book are: it is, I believe, the first written record of group mediumship.  The directing influences came through the trance personalities who claimed to be discarnate spirits: much of the phenomena recorded and photographed was foretold, sometimes months ahead, by the directing entities, thus proving intention as well as actual direction.

"This work not only supplements but goes a few steps further along the road in psychic research than the work done in their lifetimes by Sir William Crookes, Professor Myers, Richet, Flammarion, Schrenck-Notzing, and Geley.  Additionally, while the work of those writers was difficult to read, this present book by Dr. Hamilton is just as scientific but is written in an easily readable fashion with a minimum of technical terms.  Also, notes taken at actual sittings are woven into the narrative which makes an absorbing story in itself, and which carries the salient intention of the book from beginning to end.

"Within the next few days I will prepare a precis of certain chapters - in particular the one dealing with the Robert Louis Stevenson phenomena which I think are  most important."

Occasionally for the next several years Stead manifested by trance-speech or written messages; then on March 10, 1940, came a firm indication that he would be one of the writers who would contribute to a new phase of the work which the unseen operators were planning to give, when an unknown control spoke though Mrs. Marshall, and said:

"... Stead wants to rewrite some of the things he wrote in life ... Yes, yes ... what is written, is written again ..."
Statement of Intention to Write

It must also be emphasized that no less than four separate communicators stated, well in advance, their intention to produce this type of phenomenon.

At a sitting in the Hamilton home, on March 8, 1940, the deeply-entranced Dawn suddenly uttered these words:

"... Yes, yes, we will write!  Three new writers will join your group.  Stead wants to re-write some of the things he wrote in life.  Yes, yes; what is written is written again ..."

The 'Henry Gratton' Scripts

At a sitting on April 10, 1940, Dawn was in an unusually deep trance sleep when a new and unknown communicator spoke:

"... Yes, yes!  We will write!  Three new persons will join your writing group ... Stead wants to re-write some of the things he wrote in life.  He will take charge of the first writings ... Give us paper and pencils ... What is written ... is written again ...".

As we studied these words, we realized that once again we had been given definite statements of intention by the controls; and so the group again arranged to meet regularly in the hope of making his new venture possible; but for reasons which we failed to understand, there were no writings.  Presently, grown tired of unproductive meetings, Dawn withdrew from the seances, stopped attending, and the writing experiment was held to be a failure.

But once again we had reckoned without the determination and persistence of our unseen directors.

And we had strong reasons to believe that Myers and Stead had been the guiding minds behind the work of Mrs. Poole from 1921 to 1927.  They had come when Dawn had joined the group in 1928.  Now they were to show themselves again.

(Footnotes - Sir Oliver Lodge died in 1940 - the theme, the permanence of personality, as opposed to the transitory nature of material experience, is developed in a number of Lodge's books, such as 'Reason and Belief' and 'Man and the Universe.'  Therefore the expression of this idea in the Dawn-Lodge script is regarded as evidential of the presence of Lodge.)

Now going back for a moment to the words spoken through Dawn on April 10, 1940, three statements need further explanation: "... Three new persons will join your writing group"; "Stead wants to re-write some of the things he wrote in life"; and "What is written is written again..."

May 3, 1950.                

Russel Manitoba.

[Letter from Mrs. Henry Reed re identity of face (upper left).]

My dear Mrs. Hamilton,

Thank you many times for the wonderful print.  I appreciate your kindness very much.

I should have thanked you before this.  The reason for the delay: I wanted  to have the verdict of my two brothers and sister-in-law regarding the likeness of Henry.  My father and myself are sure it is Henry, but I thought I would like to see what they thought, as all knew

A Further Note Re the T. G. H. Case

Following the sitting of May 22, we were having tea upstairs in the living room.  Both Dawn and Beulah fell intermittently into trance and together saw Dr. T. G. H. in vision-form and heard him say that he had once been engaged to a girl called Lucy; that he had broken the engagement before he had met Lillian; that she had pre-deceased him; and that he had met her on the "other side".  He reported this - a matter of long ago and unknown to anyone present except Lillian Hamilton, as a way of proving his own personal identity, he said.

These facts were correct and divided, so to say, between the two mediums, it was an impressive bit of phenomena, apparently designed to go hand-in-hand with the objective evidence already recorded (on the plates) but not yet known to any one present.

Furthermore, it is as a fact that the upper face, tiny as it is, does bear quite unmistakable resemblance to the Lucy mentioned.

L. H.
Lillian Hamilton

May 23, 1940

[Letter from Ellen Elliott Booth to Mrs. Hamilton.]

"These last few weeks since Mr. Eayrs' death have been difficult ones for me and that is the reason you have not heard from me before now.

"As you know, he died suddenly on April the 29th.  A few days before he died I had an opportunity to talk to him about the manuscript and he was most interested in it.  I was going to have a further talk with him giving him detailed information about the separate chapters - he was particularly intrigued with what I told him about Robert Louis Stevenson.

"Unfortunately we never had this second discussion, and because I have been overwhelmed with his work and my own, and additional work incidental to his passing, I have not had an opportunity to do the editorial work which I very much wanted to do on the script.  Now I feel that we should not hold the matter up any longer, and so with your permission I will send the manuscript down to our people in New York, along with readers' reports I have secured from an ex-journalist, a man who has had some experience in this work, and a preliminary note by myself.

"With your permission, however, I think we had better defer submitting the manuscript in London.  Perhaps we should wait and see what happens within the next two or three weeks.

"In offering it to our people in New York I will offer them only, on your behalf, the rights for the United States.  I am hoping that his house will be able to make a contract with you for the Canadian end, and in reserving the British rights to yourself we can take care of that end of publication when the time is right.

"In sending it to New York I shall, of course, strongly recommend publication, and offer to take a small edition for this country.  I know it is too late for the Fall Season, but my own feeling is that we stand a reasonably good chance of securing publication by next Spring.

"As soon as I have some free time I have a lot to tell you about my own experiences lately, which are amazing.  My records have been kept up to date no matter how busy I have been, so that I shall have a long story to tell you.

"I hope you are quite well and continuing your work.  I spoke to Barney the day before yesterday, and as soon as we can we are going to see Margaret.  He has made a business change and so I have not been in touch with him for quite a while ... not since I last wrote you.

"My affectionate regards as always,

Ellen Elliott"

July 11, 1940

[Letter from Ellen Elliott to Mrs. Hamilton.]

"I was so happy to receive your letter of July 4th a couple of days ago, although it was sad to hear that Dr. Allison is very ill.  I hope he is in no pain.  I wrote him a long letter yesterday - just because I had to.

"About the foreword: I think that Dr. Chown would be the better of the two - but I leave this entirely to your own good judgment.

"Margaret still has the manuscript: I had hoped to get over to Dundas to talk to her, but I have been held pretty closely here at my desk for the past few weeks and have not been able to manage the trip.  But I am sure that before she leaves for the west she will get in touch with me about it.

"This is simply a business letter about the Foreword: I shall write you a personal letter later on in the day."

December 23, 1940. 

"Striking evidence of survival, anything like proof that the dead still survive and talk to us, is supported by only a very few mediums ...

O. J. L."

[Not Dated]

Following Dr. Hamilton's death, Mrs. Hamilton continued to work with a smaller group, ably assisted by Dr. Bruce Chown and Mr. Hugh A. Reed.  Utilizing the same careful precautionary techniques, they were to obtain further photographic records of various types of materialization, culminating in the teleplasmic manifestation disclosing an excellent miniature likeness of Dr. Hamilton himself, in May, 1939, four years after his death.

By 1940 the group had disbanded entirely, and while all experimental work now ceased with Mary Marshall's withdrawal from active participation, Mrs. Hamilton found herself faced with the tremendous task of analyzing the abundance of seance records. 

Subjective Evidence for the Survival of Sir Edward Reed.

Although my notes covering this aspect of the case have been mislaid, I well recall, during some of the preliminary 1940 sittings, that when Mercedes was present, this man often purported to communicate.  I recall the fact that he amazed Mr. Hugh Reed, his nephew, by recalling the fact that once when he, Hugh, was a little boy, he had given him a sovereign which Hugh clearly recalled.

He also gave several pictures of himself (that is, hallucinatory visions in the Mercedes trances) timing the launching of a ship, during which she seemed to hear him say: "Too late. too late!", an impatient characteristic of his, our Mr. Reed said, when a ship which he had built failed to pass down the slip at the exact moment.  Although Hugh Reed was too young to be present at these ship launchings, he remembered his father telling him about these events - and their amusement.

The same communicator also foretold, sometime in early February of 1940, that it would be Hugh's hand "that would draw the curtain on this work"; that is (we may presume), take the photo of the final Hamilton teleplasm.
As all evidence for survival is cumulative, this last instance is valuable.

signed:    Lillian Hamilton.

[Handwritten note:  "True. The Hamiltons have secured no more teleplasm. - L. H., 1953]

[Why are there no notes on the work done in 1941 after the group got started again? W. D. F.]

[Footnote 1 - Mercedes, one of our great auxiliary mediums, died in January 1941 following a stroke.  T. G. H. predeceased her by six years.]